Nepal is the tourist’s heaven with its rich culture and a vast heritage, the small kingdom of Nepal is blessed with such astonishing and unique sites that it holds its significant position in naming itself as a best destination for a Unique World heritage tour. The culture of Nepal is a combination of tradition and novelty. A Tour to Nepal will enable you to get the glimpse of its beauty and lifestyle.

Nepal is a country with diverse topography, culture & ethnicity. Out of 14 world highest 8000m peaks in the world, Nepal has 8 peaks located inside its boundary which includes Mt. Everest, Mt. Kanchangunja, Mt. Lhotse, Mt. Makalu, Mt. Cho-Oye, Mt. Dhulagairi, Mt. Mansalu & Mt. Annapurna. Ranging Topography from flat Terai region to the snow capped Himalayas the climate also varies with its altitude from Tropical to Alpine climate. With population of more than 25.8 million Nepal is a multi cultural, linguistic and ethnic country.

There are four distinct cultural groups which geographically represent by the people from high Himalayan region, Mid Hill, Hills & Terai region. These ethno-cultural groups maintain their unique Life style, Language, Customs, Rituals, Cuisine, Dresses, Jewellery etc. Inside Nepal there are more than 100 ethnic groups with their own identity and cultural heritage. Most of them have their own script & mother tongue. Though in Nepal Hinduism followers are in majority however Buddhism is practice by equal number of people because of the Birthplace of “Lord Buddha”. Nepal packages include all major sightseeing places and gives information based on its history. The religious groups in Nepal live with Cultural harmony which is unique in world for such diverse socio-cultural structure.

With total area of 147,181 Sq Kms which is 0.1% of total landmass of Earth is home of 600 indigenous plant families, 319 species of exotic Orchids, 11 of the world’s 15 families of Butterflies, more than 848 species of birds ( 8% of the world’s population), 2% of flowering plants in the world & 4% of Mammals in Earth. This Himalayan Kingdom shares 63m (Kechanakabal in Jhapa) to 8848m (Mt. Everest) above sea level with-in width of merely 235 Kms. Nepal is not just only Cultural destination but also an ultimate platform for adventure activities due to the diverse in the geography & landscape. Activities range from White Water rafting in wildest rivers origin from the snow-fed Glaciers, Bungy Jump from a bridge above 160 m on Bhotekoshi river gorge, Paragliding in Pokhara which is unique blend of Natural beauty with adventure, Sky dive, Incredible Zipline & many more. One should not miss on these when you in your Nepal Tour. Places to visit in Nepal and other major activities also include Trekking at hills, Himalayan & Trans-Himalayan region & expedition scaling world dominant peaks.

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