The Kingdom of Bhutan (DRUK YUL , Land of the Thunder Dragon), was only opened to tourists in limited numbers from 1974. This Himalayan Buddhist Kingdom is proud of its geographical diversity ranging from 100 m in the tropical south to the 7554 m Kula Kangri on the mountainous Tibetan border. It is an exotic land of High Mountains and lush valleys, snow-clad peaks and clear running springs, a pristine ecology and an incredible wealth of wildlife. Hidden in the eastern Himalayas between India and Tibet, this sparsely populated country is the last surviving Mahayana Buddhist State and The Last Paradise on Earth. Bhutan- the last paradise on the earth reflects age-old religion, culture, arts & architecture in its golden peaks in the background of deep green valley and hillside. Bhutan is very rich at Himalayan flora and fauna. Nearly three quarters of the total area covered by Jungle.

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